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Steve Jobs famously said, “Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works.”

While web designers certainly focus on the visual aspects of a website’s front end – the images and colours, the fonts, and the buttons – they don’t design simply with aesthetics in mind. These days, no web design professional can afford to neglect user experience (UX). UX refers to a user’s overall experience with a website: how they felt while using it, how relevant the information was and how easily they could find the answers they were searching for.

A web designer fulfils many roles. They’re supposed to have the same keen eye for beauty as a graphic designer, know at least the basics of CSS and HTML, and be able to plan out the framework of a website with a wireframe design.
There’s a lot that makes a website both easy to use and enjoyable to interact with. Fundamental traits of a well-designed website include simple design principles, information and elements arranged in useful hierarchies of importance, consistency across the site and credibility that builds trust. With more than half of the world’s website traffic coming from mobile devices, web design and web development should be responsive and able to adapt to different devices.

If it seems like there’s a lot to learn when it comes to being a web designer, there is. Fortunately, as a leading creative marketing agency, Anchor has been honing our craft in this field and our other creative services for quite some time. Web design is one of the creative services, backed by strategy, that we provide.
Designing a website that looks good is only part of the process. Our websites will reflect your brand identity, be easy to use and provide an experience that turns your first-time customers into repeat ones.
With the most effective tools and techniques, we create web pages designed to win you more conversions, clicks and sales. Our sites are fast, responsive, easy-to-use and SEO-optimised so that we can display you to the world at your very best.
Web Design & Development
Web Design & Development

Web design that reflects brand identity

You communicate who you are as a brand to your potential customers in a variety of ways, including through your web design and web development.
More than 80% of people research a brand online before making a purchase. And if your website has decent SEO, it will be the first one they look at. Your brand identity is your promise to the world about who you are, and every element of your website should demonstrate it.

Anchor can not only help you define your brand identity – or rebrand – but can ensure that all of your assets showcase this identity, including your web design and web development.

Web design and development that works in sync

Anchor is a full-service web development and web design agency, so you won’t have to shuffle back and forth between one agency and another for creative services.
We have an exceptional technical team that works together in-house with creatives designing the visuals and developers coding them into the site. There’s a reason our creative services team includes people with a graphic design background as well as those who are skilled in programming languages. The better the coding, the better the website works for you, and the better the user’s experience is.

The Anchor approach is one of teamwork, and our creative team works with both each other and you as a client towards a final result you’re happy with. Our technical knowledge is matched by our insight into how to use colours, shapes, white space and other visual elements for a website that’s appealing and intuitive to use.

Our Approach

At Anchor, we don’t simply take the easiest option and leave it at that. If there’s a better, more effective way of doing things, we find it.
Our web design will match your business goals, prioritise site speed and responsiveness, and test and re-test until you’re getting the best results possible.

Our collaborative approach begins during the earliest stages of planning your website when we work out a wireframe, or visual guide. We’ll provide you with a prototype and mock-up pages and welcome your feedback on colours, fonts, imagery and other elements. We’ll also provide clear, unique and attention-grabbing images, not the same stock photos you’ve seen on a million other websites.

Once you’re happy with the look of your site, we’ll take it to our developers, who know how to code with responsiveness in mind. These days, no business can afford to neglect speed when it comes to their site, and fast performance across devices of all kinds is crucial. Slow websites get phased out of search results, which is why we want your site to run fast as well as look good.

And we have the power to track and test everything in the pursuit of that kind of speed. If there’s an element of design that can still be optimised for better performance and improved results, we find and enhance it.

Drop us a line for web design that makes your business stick in people’s minds, and your website make an impact and capture conversions.
UX UI mockup of different sized screens on a purple background
Web design that reflects brand identity
Using state-of-the-art tools, programs and techniques, Anchor create aesthetically appealing web design solutions that focus on improving a user’s experience.
User-friendly, responsive design is our priority. Looking good is not enough, the site also needs to function effectively across different devices. We design for conversions: speed, useability, in-depth information that informs but doesn’t overwhelm your visitors, and landing pages with simple yet effective data capturing tools.Our web design & development will accurately reflect your brand identity. We’ll accurately represent your brand identity and the characteristics of your business you want the public to see.Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an important factor in web design, and we’ll ensure the design on your site pleases both users from the initial point of contact. Smooth development work, readability, the right wireframe and URL structures and ease of navigation are all elements we pay close attention to.
Mockup of webpage on a tablet and phone laying on table
Web design and development that works in sync
Anchor are a full-service web development company, meaning you won’t be shuffled from one office to another and back again.
Anchor are a full-service web development company, meaning you won’t be shuffled from one office to another and back again. Our creatives conceive powerful content and web design and our developers code it into your website. A first-class technical team perform these functions collaboratively and in-house. We treat speed and responsiveness as the high priorities they are, and repeatedly test until we know we’ve got the approach right.There’s more to a website’s development than what the public sees. Behind the colours, layouts and fonts lay carefully chosen digital tools, coding languages and deep technical knowledge. While the visuals appeal to the viewer, the programming languages determine the functionality and ensure the site is easy to use. The markup, coding and scripting happens behind the scenes to ensure that what’s displayed to the public looks great and runs smoothly.Web development can include everything from creating a stand-alone website for customers to find themselves on to developing an e-commerce store or content management system (CMS).Web design and development are not opposites but two complementary functions that work together powerfully. This collaborative approach is one that Anchor brings to development of your brand, website, marketing strategies and every other service we offer.
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Our Approach
Unique, original photography is useful for your website for a number of reasons. It visually represents your brand and its personality, helps you appear more credible and professional, and drives conversions.
Considering that the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, photography is a powerful way to quickly tell your brand story. Including authentic-looking photos of people on your website makes you appear more trustworthy, while including photos of your products gives customers further context and a visual reputation of what you have to offer.Stock photos that look too generic can actually reduce your conversions, a pitfall that Anchor can help you avoid.Video is immensely popular and the demand for it is only increasing. 86% per cent of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool and the majority have said that doing so has increased their sales.Photos and videos show the world who you are rather than just telling, and Anchor can provide photos and videos that show the world the real you in a genuine and inspiring way.


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