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If you’ve ever looked at a brand’s logo and suddenly been able to imagine the sensation of holding, tasting or using their products, you’ve seen what effective graphic design can do. Graphic design is a powerful symbol of your brand identity and brand promise. Consistency in the design makes you look trustworthy, professional and in complete control of the image you want to project. It enhances your visibility, which in turn, increases your sales.
Graphic design is made up of all kinds of different elements that each impact how a customer perceives the webpage and how it makes them feel. Colours impact a person’s mood, and different colours tend to evoke different emotions. Lines direct a person’s eyes to certain points, space provides focal points, and typography demonstrates a brand’s personality and tone. Each element contributes to getting your message across and telling your story in an on-brand way.
The design services of a digital and creative agency like Anchor can help you communicate this vision to your target audience and turn them from prospective buyers into loyal customers.
Strong visual communication, expert design and a great first impression every time. From branding to products, websites to print, our graphic designers are across it all.
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Graphic Design

Form and Function

Our graphic design isn’t just optimised to look alluring. It’s optimised for functionality. Every little detail has a purpose, and we pay attention to both the UX (user experience) and the UI (user interface).
The smallest things have a purpose, from colour choices to the use of certain icons.

It’s a delicate balance between aesthetic appeal and essential information. A stunning poster, webpage, brochure or design that lacks essential information (or makes it very hard to find) is only going to frustrate potential customers. By the same token, merely listing essential information without any eye-catching designs means the work is likely to be overlooked. To be effective, there needs to be a combination of creative flair and clear information.

Form follows function. At Anchor we carefully consider the function of your webpage or other creative assets, and design how it looks based on the purpose it serves. Necessary information presented in an attractive way is a powerful tool, and Anchor pay close attention to which information is necessary to convey and how to do so.

From Brand Identity to Visual

Your brand identity communicates who you are in a matter of seconds. With one look, people make snap judgements about what kind of brand you are: fun and quirky, serious and authoritative, high-end and elite. If you’ve spent a lot of time defining who you are and what you offer to customers, the last thing you want is to mislead them with inaccurate graphic design. Your branding needs to remain consistent across all your materials, digital and physical.
Anchor’s design services include creating a visual appearance that authentically captures the essence of what your brand is about. We’ll pay close attention to the unique brand traits you want to express through your material and make sure our visual design captures these brand traits.

We know your logo is one of the most important aspects of your brand identity and one of the clearest ways to communicate who you are as a brand. A strong logo sticks in people’s memories and becomes a powerful symbol of everything your company has to offer.

Your logo is the visual element you rely upon to grab people’s attention and set you apart from your competition. One of Anchor’s creative services is developing a logo you can proudly display.

Digital assets

As a digital and creative agency, Anchor helps you make your mark online and provide the material for you to do so with our creative services, including websites and blog posts. Because people’s time and attention are precious commodities online, we can help you capture and hold onto them.
Digital assets can include photos, videos, audio files, logos and other elements you can use – usually more than once – in your online content. As part of our creative services and our design services, Anchor can create fresh material for you that you can use across digital communications such as blogs, e-mails, pay-per-click ads etc.

Printing and Publications

Graphic design doesn’t just include online assets. It also includes physical materials: brochures, posters, pamphlets, and stationery. It’s important for this physical material to maintain an appearance consistent with your digital assets and accurately represent your brand identity. There’s something satisfying about being able to hold a product in your hands, and even more so when it has the same vibrant colours and striking logo as your brand.
From Anchor, you can expect imagery, colour, tone and every other visual aspect to be consistent across all your printed and published materials.  It’s a thorough and authentic reflection of your brand.

Drop us a line for graphic design that stands out and demonstrates your value, as well as other creative services to enhance your brand identity.
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Form and Function
Using state-of-the-art tools, programs and techniques, Anchor create aesthetically appealing web design solutions that focus on improving a user’s experience.
User-friendly, responsive design is our priority. Looking good is not enough, the site also needs to function effectively across different devices. We design for conversions: speed, useability, in-depth information that informs but doesn’t overwhelm your visitors, and landing pages with simple yet effective data capturing tools.

Our web design & development will accurately reflect your brand identity. We’ll accurately represent your brand identity and the characteristics of your business you want the public to see.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an important factor in web design, and we’ll ensure the design on your site pleases both users from the initial point of contact. Smooth development work, readability, the right wireframe and URL structures and ease of navigation are all elements we pay close attention to.
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For Brand Identity to Visual
Anchor are a full-service web development company, meaning you won’t be shuffled from one office to another and back again.
Anchor are a full-service web development company, meaning you won’t be shuffled from one office to another and back again. Our creatives conceive powerful content and web design and our developers code it into your website. A first-class technical team perform these functions collaboratively and in-house. We treat speed and responsiveness as the high priorities they are, and repeatedly test until we know we’ve got the approach right.

There’s more to a website’s development than what the public sees. Behind the colours, layouts and fonts lay carefully chosen digital tools, coding languages and deep technical knowledge. While the visuals appeal to the viewer, the programming languages determine the functionality and ensure the site is easy to use. The markup, coding and scripting happens behind the scenes to ensure that what’s displayed to the public looks great and runs smoothly.

Web development can include everything from creating a stand-alone website for customers to find themselves on to developing an e-commerce store or content management system (CMS).

Web design and development are not opposites but two complementary functions that work together powerfully. This collaborative approach is one that Anchor brings to development of your brand, website, marketing strategies and every other service we offer.
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Digital Assets
Unique, original photography is useful for your website for a number of reasons. It visually represents your brand and its personality, helps you appear more credible and professional, and drives conversions.
Considering that the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, photography is a powerful way to quickly tell your brand story. Including authentic-looking photos of people on your website makes you appear more trustworthy, while including photos of your products gives customers further context and a visual reputation of what you have to offer.

Stock photos that look too generic can actually reduce your conversions, a pitfall that Anchor can help you avoid.
Video is immensely popular and the demand for it is only increasing. 86% per cent of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool and the majority have said that doing so has increased their sales.

Photos and videos show the world who you are rather than just telling, and Anchor can provide photos and videos that show the world the real you in a genuine and inspiring way.
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Printing and Publications
For a different approach that’s visually pleasing and effective at catching visitor’s attention, you can try adding illustration or animation to your webpage.
Adding illustration or animation is eye-catching, memorable, enhances your brand identity and can be a fun, interactive way to direct web users to where they should navigate to next.
Anchor will help you with distinctive animation and illustration services that strengthen rather than distract from the user's experience and your brand identity.
For web design & development that takes a multi-faceted strategic approach to building the right website for your brand, drop us a line.


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