Your creative assets should communicate your brand identity in dynamic and powerful ways. Who are you, and what you stand for? Anchor can help you express this vision to the world.

Consistency builds trust. There’s real power in a strong, recognisable brand identity. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be flexible. In fact, adapting to new developments is essential in ever-changing times. So long as you stay true to your brand values.
First impressions last, and the way you present your brand to the world through creative services and assets helps you make a good one.

Anchor can plan or refine your creative strategy from the ground up, beginning with your brand identity and tone of voice as part of our creative services. We can ensure all of your brand’s physical expressions - from blogs to social media posts to graphic design – capture and display your unique essence. From copywriting to video, we have many creative avenues available to showcase your finest qualities.

Harness the power of creativity to make a good impression. Here are some ways we can help you do so:

Brand Identity & Communication

Your brand identity is how you want people to think and feel about your brand. It includes all visual materials and elements such as logos, fonts and colours, designed to make an impression in the public’s minds. This identity is visible but it springs from the less tangible parts of your company: your mission, your story, your values and your personality.

Your business probably already has all of the above, but maybe you’re still figuring out how to show them to the world. Anchor can help your brand find its voice and it’s distinct sense of style
Creative Services
Brand Identity

Digital & Direct Marketing Campaigns

At Anchor we tend to take a multifaceted approach and this includes our marketing campaigns. Using digital marketing, we’ll help you reach the public at large through search engine optimisation or pay per click advertising. Direct marketing – such as e-mail, social media or SMS marketing – targets a specific group such as your followers or subscribers. There’s a time for both, but both need to be effectively targeted to ensure that no resources go to waste

Collateral Design & Production

Your collateral is the creative material used to promote your products or services. There are so many different kinds of marketing collateral – from e-mails and e-books to brochures and catalogues to landing pages and infographics -  that just choosing the right one for your company and your campaign is a skill in itself. Not to mention you can use marketing collateral to entice customers at different stages of the sales funnel.

Anchor can create the kind of collateral that reflects the identity of your brand with authenticity and conjures up a true sense of everything your business stands for. 
creative services

Graphic Design

Anchor’s graphic design is functional as well as creative, and we optimise it for both user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). Every detail is thought out and considered. The visual style of your business materials demonstrate your unique brand personality, and keeping the same style across different mediums makes you appear reliable and trustworthy.

Our designers strive for iconic. For a visual design that not only looks good, but lingers in people’s minds and drives them to take action and do business with you.

Web Design & Development

Our full-service web design and development is a collaboration between talented designers and developers. These team members bring their complementary skill sets together to create a functional and aesthetically stunning website optimised for form and function
Brand identity

Photography & Film

At Anchor, we also work with pictures both still and moving. Whether you need a video made for your social channels or some original images to pepper your blog posts with, we can help. Our photos and videos are striking, professional quality and best of all, wholly unique, perfect for repeated use as part of your marketing collateral.

Illustration & Animation Services

Drawings and animations offer a creative, unique and potentially very engaging way to get your message out there. If you’d like to include customised illustrated images in your marketing material or share an animated video to social media, we can help you.  
Drop us a line to find out more about our creative services, how they can catch the eyes of the public and how they can convert leads into loyal customers. 
Brand Identity

Social Media Content

With more than half the world now on social media, it’s a powerful way to reach a staggering number of people for free or very close to it. But you still need a compelling, effective strategy to stand out among the crowd: the right platform to focus your social media presence, the right target audience, a well-thought out social strategy and content that encourages user interaction.   

Social media offers businesses numerous ways to keep track of how effectively their campaigns are performing. Facebook, the biggest social media site in the world, rivals Google for the power of its pay-per-click campaigns.  Other social media sites offer extensive benefits too: you just have to pick the right one for the campaign and the content.


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