You’ve seen Google advertising in action before, even if you’ve never used it. When you type a phrase into Google, and the first thing you see is a handful of sponsored results on the top of the page, you’re witnessing successful Google ad campaigns in action.  

Google Ads is a form of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, which makes it easy for you to decide what your budget is and stick to it. With PPC management, you bid on keywords that are relevant to your product and only pay when a web user clicks on your ad.
With the right PPC management, a Google ad campaign has a 200% return on investment, doubling every dollar spent. But although Google Ads makes it easy for you to track and measure your performance, you’ll only get results like that with a solid strategy.

As a Brisbane-based full-service creative agency, Anchor can provide that strategy. We research and model the behaviour and intent of your consumers, make plans for cost-effective bidding and buying, monitor your campaign and your competitors’ strategies in-depth, and provide reports and insights in plain English.
What will propel you to the top of the search engine results faster than anything else? The right Google Ads campaign. First impressions count. You can’t be all things to all people. Anchor will put your business in front of those who are looking for what you offer.
While a Google PPC ad campaign is easy to set up and easy to get the hang of, Anchor can ensure that you get the most out of your efforts. As a Brisbane-based creative marketing agency skilled across all areas of digital, we can help you reach new heights of clicks, conversions and sales with Google Ads.
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What’s great about Google Ads?

With more than five billion search queries daily, there’s no denying that Google is the place to be seen. There’s a reason Google Ads is such a popular tool: it allows you to exercise a high level of control over several different aspects of your PPC management while getting real results.

Set your own budget

How much you spend on Google PPC advertising is up to you. You’ll be able to see your audience reach (how many people will see your ad) and proposed ROI at the same time you choose what to invest.

Track your results

You can track everything, and tracking is everything. Keep track of all your web visits, calls, inquiries, conversions and sales for an accurate account of your return.

Get inside your customers’ minds

Google Ads offers an enlightening look into how your potential customers think and search. Test what messaging is most effective, the times of day that generate the most engagement and what kind of search pathways lead your potential customers to you.

No minimum spend

You won’t waste any money on marketing campaigns that simply don’t perform. For a fraction of the cost of a traditional advertising campaign, you can target different demographics. With the right PPC management strategy behind you, you’ll more than recoup any money you spend.

Optimised for Humans, Not Search Engines

Pouring more money into a Google PPC ad campaign will only get you so far. The bidding amount is only one of the factors that determine how high your ad ranks and the other is your Quality Score. Google will look at how relevant your keywords are, how closely your advertising copy matches the search intent and the merits of your landing page.
That means in order to rank highly, the message in your ad needs to correspond to the keywords you’re bidding on. And both your ad and your landing page need to meet the needs of the web users who search for what you offer.

While Anchor knows all about the inner workings of search engines, we focus on crafting copy that an actual person would find helpful and appealing. Because that’s who will find your ads.

Tried and Tested Strategies

There’s a lot that goes into an effective Google PPC ad campaign, including the right keyword research, concise and well-written ad copy, deciding on a budget, choosing an audience to target, picking the right ad format, and testing for maximum impact. If it seems overwhelming, as a Brisbane-based full-service creative digital agency, Anchor can make it easier for you. We’ve been working with Google Ads for a long time. And while we stay at the forefront of new developments, we never lose sight of the timeless strategies that have proven reliable time and again.
First impressions count online. If your ad copy or your landing page doesn’t measure up, it only takes a second for a user to navigate away from your page and find what they’re looking for elsewhere. Luckily Anchor can strike the perfect balance between data-driven strategies and creative flair, using innovation combined with time-tested methods to gain clicks and conversions.

The quality of both your PPC and your SEO (search engine optimisation) affects your conversion. Anchor is a full-service Brisbane-based creative digital agency that can help you get both working together in harmony so you can reach the top on both organic and paid searches.

Drop us a line to make a good first impression, improve your chances of a high return on investment and harness the full power of Google Ads.