Facebook Marketing

Social media is always changing, with new platforms emerging to take the world by storm. Yet Facebook remains the most popular social media network, with close to three billion monthly active users – almost a third of the world’s population. Facebook PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns help you cut through the noise to reach your customers based on their interests and behaviours.

Facebook is a buzzing hive of potential customers happily interacting with brands like yours.
Fitness, fashion, retail, auto and e-commerce are just some of the industries with the highest level of engagement on the site, attracting thousands or even millions of fans. What size would your slice of the market have to be to see your business grow?

Facebook recently rebranded to Meta, and now the Meta Business Suite allows you to make posts across both Facebook and Instagram without switching accounts. The question is, what to post to drive engagement?
Be seen on the largest social network on the planet: Facebook. Social media is more than a playground these days. It’s a place to work, learn and shop. Set your course to navigate the sea of active and engaged users.
As a full-service creative marketing agency in Brisbane, Anchor offers Facebook PPC solutions to help you make the most of your social media presence. Give your business the best chance to stand out amongst the chatter with our strategic Facebook PPC management.
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The Power of Facebook Ads

Facebook PPC ads are targeted towards its users based on profile information such as location and interests. Facebook PPC works much the same as other forms of PPC management. You set the budget of how much you’d like to spend and only pay when a user clicks your ad. You can choose to create photo, video or carousel ads, and the cost to you depends not only on your total budget but other variables like the location, time of day and length of your campaign.
Facebook PPC Ads boast a number of benefits that make it one powerful tool for your business:

Facebook is still the best social media platform for advertising

Despite new players always emerging in the social media space, Facebook remains the most fertile ground for PPC business advertising. Compared to other social media platforms - even Instagram, which is now part of its Meta Business Suite - its click-through rate is the highest.

It offers ultra-targeted audience segmentation

Facebook Ads is known for its highly specialised data segmentation capability. This allows for better PPC management and for you to target demographics based on factors like location, age group and interests in order to A/B test landing pages and ad variations.

In-depth customer analysis

Facebook Ads return a high amount of customer data, so you can really get to know who’s interacting with your business online. In fact, there are 98 personal data points that Facebook uses to target their ads to particular users. This allows you to be very specific when reaching the people you most want to see your ad.

Huge retargeting potential

Facebook allows you to easily track, and produce targeted advertisers for, visitors who have already spent time on your website. Whether they’ve actually made a purchase or just clicked on a link, you can set up the Meta Pixel to direct ads towards them based on previous online behaviour. Compared to cold advertising, retargeted ads are 76% more likely to be clicked.

Our Process

As a Brisbane-based full-service creative digital agency at Anchor, we know the right message is critical, so we get to really know your business in-depth. We leave no stone unturned as we conduct extensive research and analysis into your customers, your competitors and your industry.
We construct an ultra-targeted audience list to lay the foundation of your Facebook PPC campaign. We draw on our methodical research and analysis to create and design marketing assets that best showcase your brand identity.

From data and metrics, we track your results and identify cross-channel opportunities. Through tiered campaigns, we retarget former visitors to your website and motivate them to come back. Finally, we A/B test the landing page and ad variations when necessary in order to bring you the strongest possible Facebook PPC campaign you could imagine.

While setting up a Facebook advertising campaign is an easy process using Ads Manager, we enhance your chances of results so that you can focus on what else is going on in your business.

When You Work With Us

When you team up with Anchor, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Brisbane-based content manager who will work closely with you every step of the journey. Instead of staying within the boundaries of conventional thinking and solutions, we’ll take a holistic cross-channel approach that focuses both on customer engagement and data-informed strategy. With regular catch-ups and reports in plain English, we’ll keep you informed in a fully transparent way about where your campaign is headed. And we’ll never lock you into a contract, preferring to let the quality of our results motivate you to work with us again.
To get the most out of your social media strategy and use Facebook to its full potential, drop us a line. We can be your PPC management specialists in Brisbane.